How To Configure A New Laravel 5.5 Project

Nick Basile • January 18, 2018

Heads up! This post is over a year old, so it might be out of date.

The humble checklist is an incredible tool for quickly and accurately completing tasks that you don't do all of the time. Time and time again, checklists have saved me from making a critical error on some pretty important - and terribly mundane - tasks.

One of my all-time favorite checklists outlines how to set up and configure a new Laravel project. While the documentation does a great job of explaining how to get the ball rolling, there are still several things we need to do before we can really start working.

Without further ado, let's hop right into this checklist and configure a brand new Laravel project.

1. Create a Laravel Project

2. Create a MySQL Database

3. Update the .env

4. Set Up Our Testing Environment

5. Scaffold Authentication

6. Migrate Database

7. Initialize Git

8. Add the project to GitLab/GitHub/"Your Platform of Choice"

9. Install JS Packages

10. Update Scss files

11. Add Any Other Initial Project Dependencies

.sass('resources/assets/sass/app.sass', 'public/css').options({
    processCssUrls: false, postCss:[ tailwindcss(‘./tailwind.js') ],
  1. From the command line, run npm run production to make sure everything is working correctly and to generate your CSS file

12. Start Coding

The Wrap-Up

I hope this checklist can help you get a new Laravel project up and running, and show you how useful checklists can be. This isn't something that anyone does often, so having this checklist handy prevents us from making obvious mistakes that take time away from actually coding! As always, feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter. And until next time, happy coding!

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